100 Days of SwiftUI Day 69

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 69

We’ve arrived at day 69 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI! Yesterday, we learned about using the Comparable protocol for custom types and writing data to the documents directory. Today, we’re learning about two very important subjects: MapKit and authentication using Touch ID and Face ID. Let’s dive in!

Integrating MapKit with SwiftUI

In order to embed maps into our apps, we need to use MapKit. As has been the recurring theme over the past week or so, this is yet another important framework that helps us expand our apps.

Using Touch ID and Face ID with SwiftUI

Touch ID and Face ID have been staples of Apple’s devices for years. Starting on iPhone and expanding to iPads and even Macs, they have been Apple’s go to biometric authentication options and for good reason: they are fast, secure and easy to use. Check out how to implement them here.

The vast majority of Apple’s devices come with biometric authentication as standard, which means they use fingerprint and facial recognition to unlock. This functionality is available to us too, which means we can make sure that sensitive data can only be read when unlocked by a valid user.

This is another Objective-C API, but it’s only a little bit unpleasant to use with SwiftUI, which is better than we’ve had with some other frameworks we’ve looked at so far.

Hacking with Swift, Paul Hudson (@twostraws)

Wrap up

And that’s it for day 69! Another short day, but since it’s weekend, I don’t mind! We’ll continue with this project tomorrow as we’ll be looking at further expanding and improving the MapKit integration. Until then!


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