100 Days of SwiftUI Day 68

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 68

We’ve arrived at day 68 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI! After wrapping up the Instafilter app, we’re now moving on to the next project called Bucket List. Let’s take a look!

Bucket List SwiftUI app introduction

In this project we’re going to build an app that lets the user build a private list of places on the map that they intend to visit one day, add a description for that place, look up interesting places that are nearby, and save it all to the iOS storage for later.

Adding conformance to Comparable for custom types

We’ve seen the Comparable protocol before in this course. It contains functions that allow us to compare specific data types. SwiftUI does a lot of this for us in the background for Integers and Strings, however, what if we want to add this functionality to our own custom types? Well, it just so happens that that’s possible!

Writing data to the documents directory

Previously we looked at how to read and write data to UserDefaults, which works great for user settings or small amounts of JSON. However, it’s generally not a great place to store data, particularly if you think you’ll start storing more in the future.

In this app we’re going to be letting users create as much data as they want, which means we want a better storage solution than just throwing things into UserDefaults and hoping for the best. Fortunately, iOS and SwiftUI make it very easy to read and write data from device storage, and in fact all apps get a directory for storing any kind of documents we want. Files here are automatically synchronized with iCloud backups, so if the user gets a new device then our data will be restored along with all the other system data – we don’t even need to think about it.

Hacking with Swift, Paul Hudson (@twostraws)

It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, but it’s not too bad really. Paul explains it all!

Wrap up

That it for day 68! This has been a relatively short day compared to the previous days where UIKit featured heavily, so it was a nice change of pace. We’ll be diving further into the Bucket List app in the coming days. Time to recharge for now!


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