100 Days of SwiftUI Day Zero

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 0 – Introduction

Today, I’m starting my journey to learn SwiftUI. I’ve done a lot of research on various courses online, and while I’ve found a ton of great resources, I ended up choosing to follow the 100 Days of SwiftUI by Paul Hudson. If you’re interested in it, be sure to check out the intro video to find out more about the curriculum and how the course is designed. I’ll give a short summary.

The course is designed for aspiring developers to learn and/or do coding exercises for an hour a day. This structure should help keeping up a solid pace, making sure you cement what you learn and don’t burn out by moving ahead too quickly. I haven’t personally tried a “X Days of” course before, so I am very much interested in seeing if this will bring me the results I’m hoping for.

The Introduction to 100 Days of SwiftUI

Having watched the hour-ish long Day 0 intro, which contains a lot of fantastic advice as well as great information about the course and how it is structured, I feel confident that this way of learning will suit me. There is only one definite way to find out though!

From this day forward, I will be doing my utmost to follow the course daily and put in the necessary work. Of course, as is recommended by Paul Hudson, I will try to document the progress I’ve made every day. Some days will be long, others will be very short, but any update with substance to it should help my learning.

That’s enough for day 0. Time to charge up for day 1!

System.out.println("Getting ready...");
// Yes, this is Java, not Swift(UI)


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